User scripts and their execution


In algob, scripts are JS files stored in the scripts directory and are meant to interact with the blockchain (deploy ASA, ASC1, run transactions…).

Scripts are run through algob run and algob deploy commands. algob is using algob.config.js to get information about network and accounts and is executing incremental scripts found in scripts/.

Please see the architecture document to see how the scripts are organized and how to use them.

Script execution

As noted above there are two commands to execute scripts:

  • algob run
  • algob deploy


Runs provided scripts and doesn’t save script checkpoints. Useful to query the current state of blockchain. Example:

algob run scripts/script1.js


Runs scripts and creates execution checkpoints. If a script throws an exception it will stop the execution and script checkpoint won’t be created/updated. During next execution previous scripts will be skipped (results will be cached) and the task will start from the failed script.

Script execution checkpoints are cached in artifacts directory. They guard against duplicate deployment and should be added to version control system.

Execution checkpoints can be overridden by using --force to rerun the scripts even if they succeeded previously. Example:

algob deploy // will run all the scripts present in scripts folder
algob deploy scripts/script1.js // will run script1.js.
algob deploy scripts/script2.js scripts/script1.js // will run script2.js and script1.js in given order


In algob, test files are JS files located in test directory and their purpose is to test algorand smart contracts present in /assets. Check @algo-builder/runtime package for more info on tests.

Tests are run through the command algob test.