Algo Builder is a trustworthy framework for Algorand dapps (Decentralized Applications), Algorand Standard Assets, Tokens and Smart Contracts. Its main goal is to make Algorand applications development simple, efficient, and scalable.

Available packages:

  • algob: a framework and CLI of the Algo Builder Suite
  • types/algosdk: TypeScript typings for algosdk-js
  • runtime: Light Algorand runtime and TEAL interpreter
  • web: a package to interact with contracts from react app/frontend app

Example Code

Check this for the original implementaion (using SDK takes approx. ~450 LOC). Below snippet demonstrates the same using algob in 18x less code:

// Transfer Algo, create "gold" ASA and opt-in

import { executeTransaction, balanceOf } from '@algorand-builder/algob';
import { rtypes } from '@algorand-builder/runtime';

async function run (runtimeEnv, deployer) {
  const masterAccount `=` deployer.accountsByName.get('master-account');
  const goldOwner `=` deployer.accountsByName.get('alice');
  const bob `=` deployer.accountsByName.get('bob');

  // transfer ALGO
  await executeTransaction(deployer, {
    type: types.TransactionType.TransferAlgo,
    sign: types.SignType.SecretKey,
    fromAccount: masterAccount,
    toAccountAddr: goldOwner.addr,
    amountMicroAlgos: 5e6, // 5 ALGO
    payFlags: { note: 'funding account' }

  await deployer.deployASA('gold', { creator: goldOwner, totalFee: 1001 });

  await deployer.optInAcountToASA('gold', 'bob', {});

Check our rich library of examples (ASA deployment, PyTEAL support, contract account, delegated signature, stateful smart contracts etc..)

Reasons Why Enterprises Love Algo Builder

Easy to use (reduces code length by an order of magnitude)
Quick Setup - create your private network with one command using our scripts in infrastructure directory
Rich documentation with Typescript typings for the Algorand JS SDK. User docs explaining each feature, API docs for algob and runtime.
Helpful templates allowing developers to focus on use-cases rather than code organization
REPL - to quickly and easily interact with ASA and Smart Contracts
JS Runtime - to test smart contracts in miliseconds including complex smart contract composition

We are waiting on your feedback, contact us using algo-builder GitHub Issues