Function validateASADefs

  • Parses, overrides and validates asset defs map. Filaname parameter is used to indicate an ASA definition source when reporting errors.


    • asaDefs: Record<string, {
          clawback?: string;
          decimals: number | bigint;
          defaultFrozen?: boolean;
          freeze?: string;
          manager?: string;
          metadataHash?: string | Uint8Array | Buffer;
          name?: string;
          note?: string;
          noteb64?: string;
          optInAccNames?: string[];
          reserve?: string;
          total: string | number | bigint;
          unitName?: string;
          url?: string;

      asset definitions to validate

    • accounts: RuntimeAccountMap | AccountMap

      map of string => account. AccountMap is the SDK account type, used in builder. RuntimeAccountMap is for AccountStore used in runtime (where we use maps instead of arrays in sdk structures).

    • filename: string

      asa filename

    Returns types.ASADefs

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