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  • encodeNote(note: undefined | string, noteb64: undefined | string): Uint8Array | undefined
  • Parameters

    • note: undefined | string
    • noteb64: undefined | string

    Returns Uint8Array | undefined

  • Returns from address from the transaction params depending on @SignType


    • execParams: ExecParams

      transaction execution params passed by user

    Returns runtime.types.AccountAddress

  • mkTransaction(execParams: ExecParams, suggestedParams: SuggestedParams): Transaction
  • Converts ExecParams to Algo SDK Transaction. ExecParams is a type safe and more friendly way to create Algorand transactions.

    • AlgoTransferParam used for transferring algo
    • AssetTransferParam used for transferring asset
    • ModifyAssetParam used to modify asset mutable properties
    • FreezeAssetParam used to freeze asset (only permitted by asa freeze account)
    • RevokeAssetParam used to revoke assets (by asset clawback)
    • DestroyAssetParam used to delete asset (by asset manager)
    • Deploy Params - deploy ASA, deploy App
    • OptIn Params - optInToASA, optInToApp
    • AppCallsParam (NoOp, Clear, Delete..)used for calling stateful smart contracts. For more advanced use-cases, please use algosdk.tx directly. NOTE: parseAppArgs is used to handle case when user passes appArgs similar to goal


    • execParams: ExecParams


    • suggestedParams: SuggestedParams

      blockchain transaction suggested parameters (firstRound, lastRound, fee..)

    Returns Transaction

    SDK Transaction object

  • updateTxFee(params: TxParams, tx: Transaction): Transaction

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