Algo Builder

Algob is the CLI (Command Line Interface) for Algo Builder. Think about it as an Ethereum Truffle but for Algorand projects.

This package provides a variety of high level functions like, executeTx, mkTxParams, Deployer, etc. These functions help in making the development phase of algorand applications easier by acting as a middleware between the developer and algosdk.

Please read the main README file for details about the project and algob. This file provides a development description about the algob package.

How to use the API docs?

The best way to find a type, function or something related to a use case is by using the search field at the top of this page.

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Using algob

algob can be included as a library using yarn add @algo-builder/algob and then import it using import * from '@algo-builder/algob' or can be run from command line as described in the project README file.

For a webapps, you should use @algo-builder/web package, which is used by algob.

Command line usage

algob always starts for checking and loading algob.config.js file. The config file will be generated (in the current directory) if not present in the project tree.

Help algob help

View version algob --version

Launch a node project console algob console


When working on algob, we use CLI directly from the build directory using the following command:

yarn run algob:dev

It will create a project-dev directory as a copy of the template project (sample-project). In that directory you should update the config.algob.js. The algob:dev command will run all algob in that directory.

Also, it my be helpful to link the binary:

yarn link

You can run another alogb cli on dev project by following pattern yarn algob:dev:cmd <sub command>. e.g:

yarn algob:dev:cmd test
yarn algob:dev:cmd deploy

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