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Algo Builder Web

@algo-builder/web package allows you to interact with contracts easily. It is designed to be used with web dapps as well as scripts and user programs.

This package provides a class WebMode which has variety of high level functions like, waitForConfirmation, executeTransaction, signTransaction, etc. These functions help sending transactions and building dapps.

You can use @algo-builder/web with pipeline UI to easily integrate with web wallets.

Relation to algob

algob uses @algo-builder/web package. However It is not possible to use algob directly in a web app, because algob uses nodejs file system. Therefore we created a lightweight @algo-builder/web package to provide common functionality and support dapp development.

In the @algo-builder/web package we pass transaction parameters in the same way as we do in algob.

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Using Web

@algo-builder/web can be included as a library using yarn add @algo-builder/web and then import it using import * from '@algo-builder/web'.


To use web package in your react app, first you need to create an instance of the WebMode class by passing AlgoSigner and the chain name.

const web = new WebMode(AlgoSigner, CHAIN_NAME);

Now you can use it to execute a transaction:

const txParams = {
type: types.TransactionType.TransferAlgo,
sign: types.SignType.SecretKey,
fromAccountAddr: fromAddress,
toAccountAddr: toAddress,
amountMicroAlgos: amount,
payFlags: {},
let response = await web.executeTransaction(txParams);

This code will make the transaction, let the user sign it using algosigner and send it to the network.

You can also use web.sendTransaction() or web.signTransaction() in a react app.

Note: We don't support checkpoints yet. Currently deployASA, deploySSC functions don't work. User should directly pass assetIndex, appIndex instead of asaName, appName.

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